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UPDATED 8/3/10

Before I started purging the non-essential items from my life I probably had well over 200+ personal items, boxes of magazines, big huge stereo system, extra speakers, tech books I never read, enough extra PC parts to open a repair shop ( just “in case”), extra routers, hubs and switches, extra old janky PCs from 1995, all the EMPTY boxes from PC games and DVD cases .. extra bookshelves to hold all this crap, boxes of comic books I hadn’t touched in 10 years !! 3/4 of the clothes in my closet not being worn anymore. I had ENOUGH of too much !!

I present you now with my current list of “100 things-or-less”.
The list doesn’t include most shared items (i.e.- bed,dishes,couch,TV etc.) and I’m probably forgetting a few things. Also not counting all the wires that go along with gadgets and gizmos .. I obviously wouldn’t have the cords related to such items if I got rid of certain electronic equipment.
Anything with a * are items grouped together. Some people count books as one
item, most of my books are counted as individual items with the exception of the
Rivirn book series.

Anything with two ** are shared items that I use enough to call them mine

1. wedding ring
2. glasses
3. small bookshelf (under PC table)
4. hacker braclet
5. sneakers
6. Sanuks
7. thermos (keeps the java hot for 10+ hours)
8. belt
9. money clip (no more wallet for me)
10. USB key (4 gigs, encrypted)
11. cell phone (pre-paid, don’t need all the non-phone crap)
12. keys
13. backpack (good ‘ol leather bottom JanSport)
14. netbook (Asus 4 gig eee 900)
15. toothbrush
16. boots
17. binder (old business stuff)
18. Desktop PC (2600+ AMD, GforceFX 5600, 512MB, 80gig HD,  #!Crunchbang Linux)
19. FreeBSD Box (shell access, HTTP tunneling etc.)
20. shaving cream
21. razor
22. CD case
23. wifi AP (Linksys cable modem “hacked” to work as an access point)
24. small toolbox
25. drill
26. Ipod (2nd gen 4gig mini)
27 – 32. pants & jeans
32 – 52. shirts/sweatshirts
53. underwear *
54. socks *
55. ties * (3)
56. DVD case **
57. DVD player **
58. framed CPU wafer (I think they’re P4s, gift from the wife)
59. Doom hellknight figurine (keeps watch over my desk)
60. jacket (suit)
61. crappy router/switch
62. winter hat
63. printer **
64. tent
65. sleeping bag
66. fingerless gloves
67. career renagade (book)
68.  2 gig USB key (bootable #! Crunchbang Linux)
69. jacket (hoodie)
70. jacket (leather)
71. gloves
72. PC table/desk **
73. PC chair **

stuff I’ve gotten rid of:

How Linux Works (book) gave it away 🙂 most help can be found online.

Killing Floor (book) finished it !

Icewind Dale Trilogy (book)

pull-up bar gave it away (you don’t need a pull up bar to stay in shape)

pen/marker washed it .. oops

Rivrin book series (5 books)  Gave to a friend to enjoy !!

watch broke 😦

also gave away DVDs I knew I would never watch again

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  1. SimplicityBySunny permalink
    February 22, 2010 2:28 am

    Hmm…you’re counting your wedding ring? Makes me think I should count my glasses. I’m impressed that this even contains your shaving cream! Keep up the great work & I look forward to more posts on your blog.

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