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New Shoes !!

June 13, 2010

Wow .. now that I’ve taken a break and did some refocusing, I’m back with a new pair of shoes, Literally. 😉

Since becoming a self-proclaimed minimalist I have a hard time “settling” when it comes to buying stuff. Even as a minimalist I still need to replace things when the wear out .. like shoes. I this case they were work shoes. I work in a “business casual” environment so sneakers everyday isn’t an option.

In the past I would just head down to payless and pick up a new pair of $19.95 shiny-cookie-cutter-plastic-hard-uncomfotable-ass shoes and suffer. About a year ago when my soles started getting uneven, I decided I wasn’t going to settle. 🙂

Here we are.. a year later, countless shoe stores and online perusing, (not to mention I could touch my heel through the bottom of my shoes).. I decided on a pair of Sanuks !!

It was TOTALLY worth not settling for “cheap” footwear. I can say with 100% certainty that Sanuks are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put my feet in !! (and they’re NOT sneakers.. loophole found = check)

So the point is.. once you develop a minimalist mindset you’ll be less likely to run out and buy something on impulse because you think you need it. When you actually DO need something you’ll more than likely buy a quality replacement.

Your feet will thank you 😉

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