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Minimalist Meanderings

April 22, 2010

As I’ve continued down the road of minimalism and simple living, my perspective on life and society has changed. The biggest change unfortunately, is that I dislike my job more than ever !!

I work in tech support for a large ISP. I get to listen to people scream and complain 40+ times a day about how their phone, internet or TV isn’t working and I need to fix it for them RIGHT NOW !!

It’s also expected by my employer that I get this done in under 10 minutes. Oh yeah … and try to up-sell them more crap they don’t need !! I feel like telling these poor souls that the TV is brainwashing them !! .. but alas, for now I need my job. 🙂

Other than the technical part, everything about my job goes against the minimalist ideals I’ve established for myself and family. This makes it very difficult to come to work everyday. 😦

My goal at this point is to become a freelance technologist, able to help with a multitude of PC related and network issues, that is my  passion !! I’ve tried this in the past but didn’t use the internet to it’s full potential. Unfortunately the internet is chock full of FREE information when it comes to computers and technology.  I do have a few ideas brewing though … Hopefully this site will soon evolve to reflect my motives. 🙂

I’ve also developed an appreciation for what I see as simple pleasures in life .. here’s a short list off the top of my head..

  • Spending time with my wife
  • Watching my kids play
  • Sipping a good cup of coffee
  • Reading
  • Falling asleep listening to the rain
  • The smell of the spring air
  • Hiking in the woods
  • My wifes cooking
  • Warwalking

Well that’s some of what’s been happening with me .. more to come soon.

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  1. SimplicityBySunny permalink
    May 3, 2010 8:34 pm

    Mike – The “in under 10 minutes” part is something I understand VERY well. I’m so excited to hear that you’re cooking up some ideas regarding your work, since hope (and moving forward) is important to living a simple life. And, as you can imagine, I’m all about “sipping a good cup of coffee” :).

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