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Why I don’t want a house …

March 22, 2010

It seems as of late that more and more people are saying “You should buy a house !” ugh .. makes me want to scream !! I know their intentions are good, but buying a house is not on my list of priorities right now for MANY reasons.

I found a great series of books about a guy called “Jack Reacher”. (found out about it from a fellow minimalist) He basically moves from place to place getting into conspiracies and being bad ass !!    Just search Amazon or Google, I’m too lazy to post a link.

Now you might be asking what the f*#! does a book have to do with buying a house !?!  I’ll tell you what .. in the book “Trip Wire” he talks about why owning a house doesn’t appeal to him, I was like WOW !!! EXACTLY !!

Below is part of his inner dialogue about owning a home…

He was pretty sure he didn’t want to live in a house. The desire just passed him by. The necessary involvement intimidated

It was a physical weight, exactly like the suitcase in his hand. The bills, the property taxes, the insurance, the warranties, the repairs, the maintenance, the decisions, new roof or new stove, carpeting or rugs, the budgets. The yard work.

He stepped over and looked out of the window at the lawn. Yard work summed up the whole futile procedure. First you spend a lot of time and money making the grass grow, just so you can spend a lot of time and money cutting it down again a little while later.

You curse about it getting too long, and then you worry about it staying too short and you sprinkle expensive water on it all summer, and expensive chemicals all fall.

Crazy !

-Jack Reacher

… couldn’t have said it better myself !! 🙂

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  1. SimplicityBySunny permalink
    May 3, 2010 8:38 pm

    I’m with you. I love my 3rd floor apartment, where I call the maintenance man when something breaks. I even get my carpets professionally shampooed every year, without paying a dime.

    I recently heard about Reacher, myself, and though I haven’t read any of the books yet, I’m looking forward to it. He sounds like my soul mate!

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