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Data Backup

March 12, 2010

I’ve been on a quest recently to find a good backup solution for our important data. We have 30+ Gigs of family photos !! Currently they’re backed up to a Western Digital external 160 Gig drive. God forbid anything happens to the backup drive !! So I figured lets add some redundancy !!

I found a lot of great “cloud” storage solutions, but most either cost too much for the amount of data I need to store, and or are not cross-platform. I need Windows and Linux support. Then I found .. They offer 50 Gigs of backup FREE !! Everything is Java based so it’s totally cross-platform 🙂 .. Now it’s just gonna take a while to upload ALL that data !! 😉

I also setup FreeNAS on my spare PC (old PIII saved from dumpster death) that sits in the closet.. It only has a 20 gig drive in it so I need to do an upgrade to get more space. If you’re looking for an on site backup/redundancy solution look no further than FreeNAS. FreeNAS has  features comparable to data systems costing thousands. It’s a snap to setup and gives you the ability to setup up a mirrored RAID so if one disk fails it will rebuild it from the data on the second drive. The web interface is great and makes it easy to enable services to interact with all machines on your local network (or remote network). You can enable SSH so you can mount a file share remotely using SSHFS.

Just remember backup does NOT mean redundancy !! If your house burns down and all your data is there you’re screwed. Sure it was backed up but there was no redundancy in the event of a disaster.

If anyone has any questions on setting up FreeNAS (or any other technical questions)  I’d be glad to help 🙂

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