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Streamlining the “Matrix”

March 6, 2010

There’s a vast and almost endless supply of information on the Internet. There’s Petabytes of data being sent along the interwebz daily !!!.. that’s thousands of Terabytes !!

So how do you weed out all the crap ? Chances are if  your reading this, you’re not someone who just randomly clicks links on the web and gets lost for an endless amount of hours taking pointless online surveys.. right ?? OK so maybe you are .. 😉 .. I’m not here to tell you how to use your time.

Here’s my tips to remain productive online and not waste the day in cyberspace.

1. Decide what topics are important to you – I have about three topics I check daily. Linux and open source news, information security happenings and my favorite minimalist blogs. You might have twenty interests you like to check everyday .. that’s cool.

2. Use RSS feeds – I have 26 web sites I check maybe twice a day. (I admit more if I’m bored at work, I’m chained to cubicle with a headset for eight hours.. but that’s another story) I use Google reader to scan through these sites in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to use Google reader, there’s plenty of RSS feed readers out there. I like Google because I can check it from any PC. The other great thing about using an RSS reader is it cuts out most ads so you don’t get sucked into the black hole of the net.

3. Click what matters – If I see a story, post or tip I know will make a positive impact in my daily life or help out with a current project or goal is then .. I click it, read it or “star” it to read when I have down time.

4. Stay away from cluttered sites – Most local news sites and ISP homepages are littered with garbage advertisements to get you to spend more time .. and hopefully more money on their sites. You could just stay away from the news all together 🙂 Most of it is just FUD and media hype, I loath the news .. if it’s anything worth knowing about you’ll hear about it eventually.

Here’s to simple browsing !!

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